New Battle Standings

Hello Battlers,

We have now had teams battle a few times and some rivalries are starting to form at the top of the table.  Here are the latest Battle Rankings.  Remember we will battle again on Monday and Tuesday of next week, and hope to get a battle with those eighth graders before we break for the winter on December 19.

Team Score Battles Played
1.       Reading Sloths 33 3
2.       Enlightened Escargot 30 3
3.       Noble Fools 30 4
4.       Cooking Cuy 28 3
5.       Evo Morales vs. The Necktie 27 3
6.       Shhh, Onomatopoeia 18 2
7.       Massive Sinkholes 12 2
8.       Barking Spiders 9 1
9.       Poison Dart Frogs 6 1
10.   Floating Sticky Notes 3 1

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